Business Finance

Slade Legal can offer you comprehensive support and expert guidance on all types of Business Finance and Property Finance. This covers everything from mortgaging single residential properties and commercial units, to financing and re-financing entire property portfolios.

Valuable expertise and experience you can rely on

We take a truly independent approach to funding your commercial ventures, and have particular expertise in dealing with the funding and financing of residential developments. 

Slade Legal’s expert team has:

  • Huge experience in dealing with every High Street Bank and lender
  • Acted in numerous significant property transactions involving niche and specialist lenders

This means we can:

  • Advise you on the best strategy to achieve your funding goals
  • Ensure transactions are handled quickly and efficiently with minimal interruption to your daily business

Giving you the confidence and certainty you deserve

We think that it is our job to handle your financial transactions, without you being worried or concerned by them.

That is why we are always happy to advise you on the pro’s and con’s of any funding option. This ensures your proposed funding arrangements:

  • Are workable and practical
  • Will not cause difficulties with your business structure in the future

Our honest and transparent approach to costs

As with all our work with commercial clients, you will always have a detailed cost estimate from the start of the transaction. This means:

  • You can manage the financial implications of your funding transactions
  • There are no nasty surprises later

Getting in touch

To learn more about our specialist Business Finance services, contact one of our solicitors today.

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