Business Disputes

Slade Legal offers you a proven, expert and successful internal Business and Partnership Disputes service. Our aim is to avoid your internal dispute crippling your business.

A quick, efficient and no-fuss service

Internal business disputes are all too common. They are often caused by poor advice when setting up the business to begin with. As it is not always possible to turn back the clock, we help deal with your business disputes:

  • quickly;
  • efficiently; and
  • with minimum fuss.

Why business disputes can be fatal

Disputes over how a business should be run - or about the ownership of a business - can often:

  • prove extremely destructive for your business; and
  • significantly affect your profitability

At their very worst, they can cause your business to fail completely. That is why we offer practical and straightforward advice on the best way to resolve your internal business disputes.

Slade Legal will always look at:

  • all the documents involved;
  • the practicalities of your business; and
  • how your disputes can be best concluded.

What kind of experience can you offer me?

We are experienced in dealing with all kind of business disputes through mediation or, if necessary, through the Courts. At all times we will:

  • advise you on strategy;
  • give you practical assistance and guidance; and
  • help ensure your business continues trading through the dispute where possible.

Our clients range from Partnerships, through to small family businesses and larger companies. We will advise on and interpret:

  • Partnership Deeds and documents;
  • Shareholder Agreements;
  • Director Service Contracts.

Getting in touch

To learn more about our expert Business and Partnership Disputes services, contact one of our solicitors today.

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