Family Mediation

When a dispute arises during a divorce or separation, or when you are seeking to make the best arrangements for your children, it is in everyone’s interests to make the process as amicable as possible. With guided, open communication courtesy of the expert help of the trained family mediators at Slade Legal, you will have an excellent chance to do just that.

Reaching agreements amicably

Mediation is often the most effective means of resolving any form of dispute and of reaching an agreement that works in the best interests of everyone involved. With mediation, communication channels are opened and it becomes easier to discuss things like finances, property and of course importantly, arrangements for your children.

During mediation sessions, you remain in full control of the discussions. The role of the mediator is to support you in considering your options, and to guide you based on their knowledge and experience so that you can feel confident in making the right decisions about your future.

Our family mediation services are particularly beneficial in the following circumstances:

Divorce and Separation
Mediation provides the opportunity to discuss issues such as finances, child support, property splitting and any other matters that need to be agreed ahead of finalising your separation.

When you need to reach agreement on provisions for your children, mediation will help everyone involved clearly see what constitutes the best interests of those children. Mediation is commonly used to settle living arrangements, access and financial support.

Bringing everything together

Our experienced mediators will prepare you for your discussions and support you through any negotiations as well as providing clarity on the implications of any decisions you are contemplating. When we have represented a client in mediation, the law dictates that we are not able to draft the documents required to formalise what has been agreed through the courts. So, once agreements have been reached, you can rely on our specialists to prepare a comprehensive memorandum of understandings so that you can go ahead and have your Consent Order drafted by another firm in the most cost effective way possible.

Clarity on costs

Mediation generally reduces the costs of dealing with a divorce or separation by speeding up the resolution process and avoiding the need to go to court.

We fully understand how important it is for you to be clear on costs when using the mediation process, so we have put together a sliding scale of fixed fees to give you an idea of what is involved. Of course we welcome any questions you may have in this area.

We’re ready to help

To find out more about how our regionally respected family mediators can assist you, please get in touch.

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