Justine Benbough

Consultant Litigation Solicitor

Justine is a Consultant Solicitor with over 20 years’ experience in litigation work.

Work and Clients

Justine works with the litigation team dealing with a wide caseload of work including Landlord & Tenant, Land & Commercial Property Disputes, Contract Disputes, Contentious Probate, Personal Injury and Debt Recovery.

Route to Slade Legal

Justine joined the firm as a Consultant in 2014 handling the firm’s personal injury work and has since widened her practice at Slade Legal to handle a wider range of litigation work.

Why Justine became a Lawyer

The law is a complicated subject and seeking justice or a resolution on an issue can feel daunting to a client. As a lawyer you can give them access to the legal system and assist and support them in seeking to achieve the right outcome for them whether through negotiation or the court process.