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Whether you are putting things in order, planning to secure your loved ones’ future, or looking for help and advice on a sensitive or pressing matter, one thing you can rely on from Slade Legal is friendly, helpful advice provided by specialists offering a wealth of experience.

Providing tailored legal advice Oxfordshire wide.

From our offices in Abingdon, Didcot and Wallingford we offer a comprehensive range of legal services for individuals and their families.

Our dedicated team of specialist Wills and Probate Solicitors speak your language and are ready to listen and advise on a variety of issues, including:

Personal Tax, Trusts and Probate
Planning is important in many aspects of life, none perhaps more so than planning to secure your future and ensure your loved ones will be provided for when the time comes. Our experts are renowned across the region for their specialist knowledge in Probate, estate administration and planning, inheritance and tax disputes, trusts, powers of attorney and Court of Protection matters. Read more…

Making a Will
Once the highly experienced experts at Slade Legal have undertaken a thorough review of your circumstances, they will advise you on the best way to word your will so that your goals are achieved and any concerns alleviated where possible. The service is individually tailored, can cover complex situations such as second families and business assets, and can also include specialist advice on minimising tax and preserving assets where required. Read more…

Support and guidance from people who genuinely want to help

Many of the issues we take care of tend to be sensitive and can sometimes be challenging for our clients. We fully understand this: we are everyday family people ourselves. For this reason you will always find us compassionate and helpful as well as fully focused on making sure the advice you receive is clear, practical and relevant to your individual circumstances.

At your service

For helpful, personalised advice on any private client matter please get in touch. Our experts look forward to assisting you.

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