Mental Capacity and the Court Of Protection

When people are unable to help make their own decisions due to a lack of mental capacity, then the Court of Protection is there to administer their affairs.

Worried about making an application to the Court?

The Court of Protection is a High Court division, and applications can appear intimidating, impersonal and complex. So as well as handling the formalities of Court applications, we also offer you practical and reassuring advice for:

Dealing with the Court

Implementing the Orders that the Court can make

In what is already a difficult and testing time, we aim to:

Make matters straightforward and simple for you

Minimise your worry and concern

Our full range of experience and expertise

Our expert team has a wealth of experience in advising clients, and guiding them through the process of applying to the Court.

Slade Legal’s services include:

Guiding you through the initial stages of considering the capacity of a loved one or next of kin

Managing the process of making application to the Court

Helping with the administration of a Patient’s affairs

Making applications to the Court on your behalf to deal with property and welfare issues

Getting in touch – your confidential and no-obligation discussion

To discuss your Mental Capacity and Court of Protection matters in confidence and without obligation, visit our offices in Abingdon, Didcot & Wallingford or contact one of our solicitors today.

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