Co-Habitation Disputes

How we can help with co-habitation disputes

As there is no divorce legislation to deal with disputes between unmarried couples, these disputes are often more difficult and therefore more costly to resolve.

That’s why Slade Legal offers you a service specifically designed to help unmarried couples in dispute.

What you need to know about property

Disputes between unmarried couples often revolve around property-related issues. That’s why it is crucial to obtain clear and specific advice on property ownership, before you enter into the joint ownership of property.

Remember, unmarried couples buying property together are treated completely differently to married couples. They are often at a significant disadvantage when it comes to relationship breakdown.

Protecting your rights

Accordingly, we can advise you in all circumstances and at all stages of your relationship to ensure that your rights and obligations are fully considered and, where appropriate, protected.

Prior to property ownership we can advise you on Pre-Nuptial Agreements and Declarations of Trust regarding property ownership. These clearly set out everyone’s:

  • Interest and share in the property
  • Rights of occupation

What happens if there’s a dispute?

If there is a dispute, we will advise you on your legal rights – regarding both occupation and your share of the sale proceeds.

We provide practical and helpful advice on all aspects of relationship breakdown between unmarried couples. Our team can provide guidance about realistic outcomes, and the quickest and most efficient way of achieving settlement.

Protecting your interest at Court

If necessary, and if agreement cannot be reached by negotiation, we can protect your interest by making an application to Court.

Our experienced team will provide the necessary expert advice and assistance throughout that process.

Getting in touch

To learn more about our specialist Co-Habitation Disputes service, contact one of our solicitors today.

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