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We do not need to tell you that your obligations to your staff are onerous and ever changing and of the damage that can be done when things go wrong. Our specialist Employment Lawyers are here to help.  

Slade Legal helps employers large and small with all aspects of employment law. 

We know that prevention is better than cure so we see our task as helping our business clients ensure that problems do not arise in the first place. We have to be realistic however, and accept that even the best employers have to deal with employment issues. When that happens we see our task as helping you to deal with these difficulties quickly and commercially.

All the reassurance and expert advice you need

As a result of the minefield of legislation surrounding employment, employers are often simply looking for:

  • Reassurance they are dealing with matters correctly; or
  • General advice about the best way to deal with an employee’s rights 

Our expert team is happy to provide that advice to our clients quickly and efficiently and in a cost effective way.

We always strive to build ongoing relationships with our business clients and employers, so they feel confident that they can contact us at any time to deal with even the most trivial issues. Slade Legal always puts your business first.

Employment Contracts, Policies and Staff Handbooks

Good documentation including Employment Contracts and Staff Handbooks are the cornerstone of an organisation’s risk management. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can:

  • Help ensure you have state of the art contracts and procedures in place
  • Give practical advice on implementing those procedures and keeping them updated

Our expert team is happy to attend with employers at meetings with their employees, either to advise generally or to act as a mediator.

We aim to develop long term relationships with our employer clients to help minimise their employment problems.

Complaints and Disciplinary issues

Staff grievances and disciplinary matters can:

  • Drain your business’ resources and time
  • Cause considerable tension and disruption if they remain unresolved
  • Put you at risk of possible claims for damages

Even with the best of intentions, employers without proper guidance can get it wrong. 

We can provide immediate and helpful advice on all elements of disputes with employees, helping to take the heat out of the situation and implement long term strategy for resolution. Our advice is practical and aimed towards allowing you to resolve these problems fairly, sensibly and quickly.

All about tribunal claims

Even with the best policies and procedures in place, tribunal claims are an inevitable risk for any business. We can represent you and help resolve matters sensibly and cost effectively, whatever the claim. This includes:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • Stress claims

Our main aim is to help you negotiate a settlement to your dispute with your employee. If that fails then we protect our clients through representation at employment tribunals. A thorough and properly prepared defence, delivered by one of our employment law experts will give the very best chance of a successful outcome. 

Slade Legal fully appreciates that dealing with an employee who is determined to extract sometimes very significant compensation from an employer is frustrating and stressful. That is why our advice is aimed at the most practical way of dealing with employment disputes as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible. 

We particularly specialise in advising clients:

  • On the tactics of dealing with disputes with their employees
  • Whether or not to fight claims before the Employment Tribunal or to settle by way of compromise

Our aim is always to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.

Parental Rights and Equal Opportunities

The Law that protects employees from discrimination and provides them with parental rights is complex, and it is easy to fall foul of its provisions. Even the best intentioned of employers can easily slip up. 

Slade Legal aims to ensure that your documentation and procedures are up to date and comply with best practice requirements. In the event that they fail and a claim is brought, then we can advise on:

  • The merits of your case
  • Whether or not the employee is likely to be successful in pursuing their claim

Our aim is to always protect your business interests and to avoid lengthy or prolonged legal debates. In dealing with employees, our view is that resolution needs to be brought quickly and as cost effectively as possible. 

How to manage absences and poor performers effectively

Employers are often uncertain and concerned about how to best deal with long term absentees and poor performers. 

It is important to fully understand your rights and obligations as an employer before taking any action.  Remember:

  • Ill thought through strategies can often lead to employers facing substantial Employment Tribunal claims
  • Equally, just putting up with the problem can have a negative effect on your business

Slade Legal’s expert team can:

  • Advise you on all aspects of dealing with long term absence and poor performance
  • Help develop the right strategy to deal with the problem and implementing that strategy if necessary
  • Can assist you from an initial employee meeting to drafting letters of warning and dealing with termination 

At every stage we will ensure you are fully advised as to all the possible options and outcomes.

How to successfully handle redundancies and re-organisations

It is an unfortunate fact that at some point most businesses will need to make staff redundant or to cut back on their levels of staffing.  This can be a very difficult area of the Law and, in addition, can be extremely stressful for the employer and the employee.

Remember that mistakes on procedure or documentation can prove costly.  That is why we work closely with our clients to ensure that at all stages of a redundancy or business re-organisation:

  • Employees’ rights are properly taken into account
  • Any areas of risk are clearly identified

We assist in dealing with matters from individual redundancies, through to corporate re-organisations with strategies for dealing with whole departments.

Redundancy and corporate re-organisation is one area where proper planning can lead to an effective solution that benefits both employers and employees.

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