Equity Release and Shared Ownership

Slade Legal specialises in dealing with unusual, difficult and complex cases, including equity release cases and shared equity cases. We offer you clarity, reassurance and understanding in this complicated legal area.

What experience and expertise can you offer me?

Our experienced and expert team:

  • Can advise you on the pros and cons of equity release
  • Can implement your Lender’s requirements quickly and efficiently
  • Often deal with equity release schemes alongside other tax planning, or the preparing of Wills

Slade Legal’s specialist advisers in those departments will be happy to help provide you with a full package of legal services.

Handling your purchase smoothly and efficiently

Our lawyers also have significant experience in dealing with shared equity schemes. They can assist you in:

  • Understanding the nature of the scheme
  • Implementing the scheme in respect to your property purchase

You will always get clear and straightforward advice on:

  • The complexities of shared equity ownership
  • How this will affect you and the ownership of your property

Our commitment to you

We will liaise with your Lender and your shared equity provider, to ensure that your shared equity property purchase is handled smoothly and efficiently.

Talk to us on a no-obligation basis

We are glad to provide fixed price estimates for both equity release and shared equity purchases. Our lawyers are more than happy to discuss your requirements - on a completely no-obligation basis.

Getting in touch

To find out more about our Equity Release and Shared Ownership services, contact one of our solicitors today.

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