Slade Legal offers you a proven, expert and independent approach to re-mortgaging.

There are many reasons why you may consider re-mortgaging your property, such as:

  • Releasing equity for home improvements
  • Taking advantage of more favourable interest rates

Re-mortgaging – what you must always remember

Whatever your reason for re-mortgaging, you must always remember that:

  • A mortgage will be secured against your home
  • You risk losing your home if you default on a mortgage

So it is extremely important that you:

  • Are fully aware of all the implications of re-mortgaging your property
  • Make the choices that are right for you

A swift, accurate and worry-free transaction (wherever you are)

At Slade Legal we know that time is often precious for re-mortgages. That’s why we:

  • Give you straightforward clear and concise advice without legal jargon
  • Use the latest technology to ensure a swift, accurate and worry-free transaction

From our Oxfordshire base, we deal with re-mortgage transactions for our clients all over the country.

Putting you first at all times

Are you tempted to accept a Lender’s offer of “free legal advice” for re-mortgaging your home? Well, remember that in these cases the Solicitor:

  • Will be appointed by - and acts for - the Lender
  • Is there to protect the Lender’s interest first and foremost

However, at Slade Legal we:

  • Act for you
  • Always put your interests first

Getting in touch

To find out more about our Re-Mortgaging services, contact one of our solicitors today.

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