Can I Contest a Will?

What are the common reasons for contesting a will?

Consider the following:

  • Are you concerned a will has not been validly executed?
  • Did the deceased have capacity when they made the will?
  • Perhaps the deceased did not make the will under their free will?
  • Are you someone who has not been properly provided for in a will?
  • Did the deceased promise you something but then did not include this in their will?
  • Were you provided for in an earlier will but not in this one?
  • Are you a creditor of the deceased and have not yet been paid?

What to do next?

You need to seek legal advice.  Slade Legal will be able to advise you on whether you have a claim. If probate has not yet been granted, we can apply to the Probate Registry to stop probate so that we can consider with you whether you may have a claim. CONTACT US TODAY!