How we Help Landlords and Property Owners in Dispute

Whether you are a tenant facing issues with your rental situation, a landlord seeking to effectively resolve a problem using the correct procedures, or a property owner in dispute, you will feel reassured by the practical advice and tailored support offered by the property dispute resolution specialists at Slade Legal.

Specialist advice, with a balanced perspective.

There are numerous disputes that can arise between landlord and tenant, and property owners face their fair share of issues too. At Slade Legal we have for many years been providing expert advice and guidance in what can be one of the most contentious and emotional areas of law. Starting by clarifying the legal position for our clients, we then develop strategies to take the matter swiftly to the right conclusion wherever possible.

Unlike many law firms, the property dispute specialists here at Slade Legal act for both landlords and tenants. This allows us to work from a balanced perspective, seeing issues from a dual viewpoint and understanding how certain tactics will work on both sides.

Our areas of expertise include:

Property Repossessions
There are strict procedures to follow for landlords looking to repossess a property. Whether you are a landlord seeking advice or a tenant needing immediate assistance, our sensitive, professional experts will provide the practical guidance you need.

Trespass and Adverse Possession Claims
If someone has been accessing your land without permission or outside of an allowable reason to do so, we can help you take action for trespass. We can also assist if you wish to take possession of a piece of land that you have occupied over a period of time.

Boundary, Easements and Property Disputes
We can advise on all types of boundary disputes; building works that encroach on your property; right to light issues; covenants in title deeds that prevent you making home improvements and on claiming a right (or easement) to use a piece of land.

Regionally renowned expertise

Our expertise is respected throughout Oxfordshire and businesses across the region have become aware through word of mouth of our ability to resolve particularly complex and sometimes historically longstanding disputes.

Ready to help

For confidential advice on any type of landlord and tenant or property dispute, please get in touch.We are happy to have an initial telephone discussion with you about your matter and to see how we may be able to help.

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