How we Help Individuals in Dispute

Whatever you have been through that has prompted you to seek help and legal advice, we are ready to listen. From making sure you receive the compensation you need to fully recover after an accident, to fighting your corner after suffering a financial loss at the hands of a negligent professional, and lots more besides, we are here to guide you: step by step.

Taking care of you on an individual basis.

When there is a dispute of any kind going on in your life it can become all-consuming. Where do you stand? What are your rights? How do you prove you were right and they were wrong?

At Slade Legal we understand how you are feeling, and we have all the answers you need. Our dispute resolution team is respected region wide for its proven track record of success, and for the way we take care of our clients on an individual basis.

Here’s how we can help you:

Personal Injury
Our aim is to maximise your compensation and to minimise the effect your accident has on your life. This includes arranging for interim medical treatment, a courtesy car or financial assistance whilst we pursue your claim.

Contract Claims
If you have suffered losses due to a breach of contract or unfair contract terms, you can rely on our experts to pursue damages on your behalf. Whether the contract was to supply goods, services or digital content, we can help.

Contested Probate
Whether you wish to make a claim on an estate or defend one, you can depend upon our significant experience in one of the most complex areas of law, and our compassionate approach at what we appreciate is the worst possible time to be in dispute.

Negligence Claims
If a professional such as an accountant, financial adviser, solicitor, architect or surveyor has mis-advised you or breached their regulatory duty of care in some other way, we will work hard for you to prove the breach and claim compensation for your losses.

Building Disputes
If you are in dispute over building or refurbishment works at your property, you can rest assured of the expertise on offer at Slade Legal. We have successfully resolved numerous building disputes across the region.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Mediation
If you are facing financial problems and bankruptcy or insolvency are on the cards, our trained mediators can help by guiding you in face to face discussions aimed at reaching an amicable solution that all parties can agree on.

Funding your claim

We are committed to ensuring you are clear on your funding options. No win-no fee is often available, and many people also find they can use the legal expenses cover they have on their home insurance. We can also represent you on an hourly rate basis, and will ensure you have full clarity on the likely costs involved if this is the case.

Can we help you?

For confidential, friendly advice on any dispute, please get in touch . We are happy to have an initial telephone discussion with you about your matter and to see how we may be able to help.

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