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Above everything in life, your children will always come first, so when something happens that impacts on their happiness or welfare you will seek to obtain the very best advice, as quickly as possible. This is precisely what we offer at Slade Legal: access to swift, tailored guidance that focuses on the best interests of your children.

Sensible advice that minimises conflict.

Any form of conflict is likely to have a negative impact on your children, and our family law solicitors are naturally sensitive to these effects, having dealt with a range of issues over their many years of experience.

Our advice focuses on dealing with both the immediate and longer term needs of your children, on minimising conflict and on protecting your rights as a parent. Whether the issues have been brought about by a relationship breakdown, or are an isolated matter, you can trust our specialists for the guidance you need, as you need it.

We can advise you on a range of issues, including:

Parental Responsibility Agreements
Our expert advice covers all aspects of parental responsibility, including applications and disputes.

Child Abduction
If you have an immediate concern and require urgent advice concerning child abduction, please call us without hesitation on 01235 521920.

Child Arrangements
With the needs of your children firmly at the forefront of our objectives, we will work sensitively to settle on appropriate arrangements that are right for the whole family.

Family Law Court Representation
Our vastly experienced family law advocates are able to support you in person should a court hearing become necessary.

Clarifying your options

Our advice starts with an initial discussion and outline guidance as to the options available to you, and their individual merits, together with an estimate of legal costs to assist in taking care of matters on your behalf.

Here to help

Our child law specialists are ready to assist, so please do not hesitate to get in touch for your initial discussion.

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