Non-Traditional Parenting Arrangements

Because today’s family is definitely not a one-size-fits-all unit, you may find yourself looking for advice on issues that do not necessarily follow a standard pattern. We fully appreciate this at Slade Legal, and as such offer supportive, non-judgemental advice on a range of modern matters.

Practical, unbiased guidance

Whatever forms your parenting arrangements or plans may take, we are here to provide practical, confidential and unbiased guidance together with all the support you need to successfully achieve what we fully understand means everything to you.

Whether you are considering surrogacy; are planning on entering into a co-parenting agreement with a friend or same-sex partner, or need advice on your rights as grandparents, you can rely on our helpful specialists to keep you fully informed and expertly guided throughout the entire process.

Our specialist areas of expertise include:

Grandparent’s Rights
Grandparents play an invaluable role in children’s lives. We can assist if you are seeking to apply for a Contact Order, or have found yourself in a position where you need to take responsibility for raising your grandchildren.

Same Sex Marriages
If you are in a same sex relationship and have your heart set on becoming parents, we can advise you on your various options, including surrogacy and adoption, and on formalising a co-parenting agreement.

Surrogacy can be complex and you will need highly specialist advice to ensure your parent relationship is recognised in the eyes of the law. With the help of our experts, you will be reassured in all respects and able to focus on what matters most: your child.

The support you need for total peace of mind

Becoming a parent is exciting, but it can be daunting too, especially if you are following a non-traditional route to parenthood. Whatever your aspirations, we will be behind you all the way, establishing the solid legal footing you need to ensure everything is in place for a smooth parenting journey.

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