Family Agreements and Arrangements

Family life isn’t always straightforward, and sometimes disputes arise that need to be settled by official means such as agreements and arrangements. Sometimes these disputes can be avoided altogether by having an agreement or arrangement in place at the outset.

Heading off disputes before they take hold

At Slade Legal, our aim is to take away stress and help reduce our clients’ financial risk. We do this by advising on a range of family based agreements and arrangements. Sometimes these will be put in place in response to an issue that has arisen, and other times the agreements will be set up in order to head off problems before they arise.

Our experts regularly draft family agreements and arrangements with the aim of significantly minimising uncertainty and potential for disputes. These documents include:

Parental Responsibility Agreements
We advise fathers, step parents and second female parents seeking parental responsibility, as well as assisting families who are unable to agree on arrangements, either through mediation or a court order.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements
Considerable stress and insecurity can be avoided by putting a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement in place, and financial peace of mind is also a major benefit. An expertly worded agreement will reduce the potential for disputes.

Cohabitation Agreements and Property Disputes
Disputes between unmarried couples are not covered by formal legislation, making them complex and therefore costly to resolve. A cohabitation agreement is highly advisable to avoid issues over finances and property when a relationship breaks down.

Change of Name Deeds
You don’t have to wait for a divorce to be finalised before changing your name. If you are looking to change your name, or your child’s name, it is usually a straightforward process which our experts will be happy to assist you with.

Protecting your rights
Legal agreements and arrangements are put in place to protect your rights, and to reduce the risk of conflict and spiralling costs. Because no two situations are the same, the agreements drafted by the specialists at Slade Legal are fully tailored to your individual circumstances.

Here to help
For specialised assistance in drafting a family related agreement or arrangement to protect your interests, please get in touch.

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