Clear Guidance and Support on Your Financial Settlements

Dealing with financial settlements is an inevitable part of a marriage breakdown and Divorce. Slade Legal has very significant experience in dealing with the financial consequences of family breakdown. Our lawyers are Family Law experts, with a wealth of experience in dealing with all forms of financial settlements. This legal expertise covers everything from the most modest of assets, through to very significant high value financial settlements.

A service tailored to your needs and expectations

We are committed to helping our clients get on with their lives. That’s why we are committed to getting their financial issues settled as quick and as painlessly as possible.

Our approach is tailored to deal with your particular circumstances. We will ensure that we match the service to your needs and expectations. All of our advice is practical and comes in plain English.

The solutions that we prepare for our clients are based on their financial circumstances and needs, either through mediation or through solicitor-led negotiation. We are also more than happy to help you implement agreements that have been reached between yourselves.

How we can support you at Court

If it becomes necessary, we have vast experience in representing clients at Court. We can help you through this difficult and often stressful time by providing clear and helpful advice and assistance.

A flexible and transparent approach to costs

Throughout your dealings with us you will always get the most accurate estimate of costs possible. We are happy to place a ceiling on costs at any time. You will always be kept fully informed as to how legal costs are accumulating. Slade Legal also offers a range of payment options for your fees.

Helping you achieve the best possible outcome

We never forget that dealing with financial settlements during relationship breakdowns is very stressful for our clients. That’s why we try to help you achieve the best possible outcome, and minimise the adverse effects of this difficult time.

Getting in touch

To learn more about our financial settlements service, contact one of our solicitors today.

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