Family Law Court Representation

When a family matter needs to proceed to court, there is great advantage in being represented by a legal expert who has been guiding you throughout the matter. At Slade Legal, our family law solicitors are experienced advocates which means that if the time comes to go to court, they’ll be right there by your side: in person.

The benefits of court representation by your own solicitor

Traditionally, external advocates - usually barristers – would be called to represent a client in court. Whilst there is no denying the expertise of these specialists, delegating meant a great deal of time would need to be spent sharing the crucial details of the case.

At Slade Legal, we prefer to save our clients time and money by handling court representation ourselves. Aside from cost savings, this also provides continuity of the knowledge that has been built up as we’ve got to know you, and you will feel far more reassured with your own solicitor speaking for you.

We can represent you at the Family Law Court on a number of matters, including:

Cohabitation Disputes
Our family law advocates have extensive experience in representing cohabitees in complex disputes over property and financial matters.

Domestic Violence and Harassment
Working with sensitivity and using their many years of specialist experience in this area, our experts will tenaciously represent your best interests and push for justice.

Finances and Divorce
If it becomes necessary to take negotiations over finances and property to court, you can rely on the expertise of our advocates in achieving the right outcome for you.

Child Arrangements
Focused always on the welfare of the child involved, we will push for a timely hearing and a resolution that is in the best interests of the child’s future.

Consistency of representation
At Slade Legal we ensure our clients are represented by advocates who are fully aware of the fine detail of their case. Our team approach means every expert involved in your matter will be up to date on all its developments at any given time.

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